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Weight Training Routines

Welcome to Weight Training Routines.com, a site that is dedicated to providing a high quality source of information on weight training, nutrition and supplementation plans for building muscle, losing body fat and all other aspects of physical fitness.


Whether you're interested in gaining lean muscle mass or want use weight lifting to improve physical performance in your sport, this site will have something for you.

With a huge compilation of bodybuilding routines and weight training information online today it can be difficult to find training advice and workout routines that will actually work. It shouldn't be that difficult and on this site it is anything but.

We've put all the facts together in one place so that all you need to do is focus on achieving your goals. We're constantly updating this website, aiming to create the most
complete weight training information and fitness resource on the web so please be sure to check back regularly for updates! November and December 2011 will see us add 30 dedicated articles on bodybuilding nutrition with emphasis on protein - how to get enough on a daily basis.

So, where do you begin?

Why not start by checking out what our site has to offer. Take a look at the links below to see what's covered on Weight Training Routines.

What can you find out on this site?

All aspects of weight training, weight lifting exercises, bodybuilding and fitness are covered including:
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Fastest Way To Build Muscle
If you're looking for the quickest way to build muscle then this might just be the answer to your question and one that frustrates so many bodybuilders. Find out why getting the combination of weight lifting, nutrition, rest and supplementation correct is so vital for building muscle.

Muscle Building Tips
Our muscle building tips page shows you all of the key factors for successfully building muscle and gaining weight. Great tips covering weight training, nutrition, rest and supplementation!

Build Chest Muscles
Check out these weight training routines and exercises for developing chest muscles and adding lean muscle mass to the pectorals. Includes exercise instructions, tips on technique and exercise variations.

Back Exercises
Upper and lower back exercises for building back muscles fast. Find bodybuilding routines for the back which includes weight lifting exercises for the traps, lats and lower back.

Shoulder Exercises
Having big and powerful shoulders gives the upper body a great amount of width and completes an impressive physique. Check out these effective weight training exercises for building the delts.

Bicep Exercises
Every bodybuilder wants to build big biceps! Check out these exercises for building bicep muscles which gives you clear exercise instructions and tips on how to get the technique correct.

Tricep Exercises
Weight training routines and exercises for the triceps. Learn how to build big arms with these mass building exercises and learn why training the triceps is the number one factor in obtaining big arms!

Quadriceps Exercises
Quadriceps weight lifting exercises for building and adding definition to the front thighs. Find out why it's important not to neglect the legs and why training the legs affects the whole body!

Hamstring Exercises
Do you want to build hamstring muscle? Why not check out these hamstring exercises which are very effective at adding size and strength to the back of the legs.

Ab Exercises
Do you want to build abdominal muscle and gain a six pack you can be proud of? Take a look at these great ab exercises.

Build Muscular Calves
Building calve muscle has always been a notoriously difficult thing to do. These calve exercises and weight training routines are very effective at building calve muscle.

Training For Sport

Sports Workouts
If you're interested in sport this page offers a variety of sports workouts for improving performance in your sport, including weight training routines for running, swimming and martial arts, basketball and much more.

Diet / Nutrition

List of High Protein Foods
Whatever your training goals are, a high protein diet plan is essential to ensure you succeed. This page lists some of the most popular high protein foods available.

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